Gekko Art

​Sandi Mower

​​​Wildlife Artist 


Tips on photography for portraits.

  • Try to take the photos in good, natural light but not with bright sunlight reflecting on their coat.
  • Get close up and personal! Photos taken from a distance may not be sharp enough when enlarged.
  • ​Have a friend stand by with treats or a toy to gain their attention. Portraits work well when eyes are focused on something to one side.
  • Get down to your pet's level, photos taken from above cause awkward angles & foreshortening.
  • Action shots are great to work from but they need to be in focus so use a fast shutter speed.
  • Focus! A good test is to enlarge the photo on a computer screen. It should remain clear & sharp.

If you'd like your furry friend captured in full colour then contact me for details and a quote. Prices start from £90.

All I need are some good quality, close up photos. The better the photo, the better the outcome! So send me your favourite pics plus a few others for good measure! 

Pet Portraits