About Sandi

Nothing thrills me more than watching little pools of colour burst into life when the watercolours hit the page. There's always an element of surprise, its captivating stuff! That and my passion for wildlife keep me painting, I paint what I love and I love the creatures we share our planet with.

The challenge for me as a wildlife artist is to capture their spirit, not just their shape, getting their character on paper without seeming static is possible with watercolours. It's all about the energy!

I feel blessed living in rural Somerset, close to the levels with so much wildlife on my doorstep. It's an artist's dream! Birdwatching and walks with my dogs are a constant source of inspiration but its not just British wildlife that I paint. You'll find some fun and funky friends from far away lands here, giraffes and elephants are particular favourites, hummingbirds too, all painted with watercolours in a loose style with a colourful palette.

I've been painting since I could walk but watercolours are relatively new to me. I began my creative career in graphics and illustration, working in a variety of mediums including airbrushing. Moving on to bigger things, woodcarving, large scale mural work and decorative faux finishes were something I really enjoyed and I developed a specialist business reproducing marble and stone. 

A few years ago I thought I would take a few watercolour paintings to a local event, just to see if they would sell.... Who knew!!

Now, when I'm not in the studio I can be found travelling between shows along the south of England and have 2 online shops plus local stockists that sell my work. I'm eternally grateful to those people who bought my watercolours in those early days, they gave me the confidence to continue painting and the ability to make a living from what I love.