Paw Prints and Muddy Slippers


So here it is... my January project, and there always is one, has been a new baby in the form of a website. The old clunky thing with too many buttons and not enough pzazz has gone and good riddance. That said, I'm not convinced that pzazz is exactly exuding from the seams of this one yet but as I'm still riding high on the wave of self-achievement having made it so far, then I don't much care. It has been a steep learning curve that's for sure. I will be loading up the pages with lovely splashy prints, paintings and products over the next few weeks so if your favourite animals and birds are not here yet then keep stopping by as they will soon arrive!

On the horizon, a few exciting new watercolours are in the pipeline, I plan to be painting a lot of wildlife over the coming weeks and also clearing the backlog of pet portraits too. We get a lot of Long-tailed Tits in the garden which I love to photograph and plan to paint soon. Squirrels too although I don't plan on showing you my last squirrel painting, they don't always come out right and this one seemed laboured somehow so then I ended up trying too hard...what was I thinking adding transparent orange at the end...Ooops! 

It's also new products time of year! I've put some orders out there with the lovely companies that produce my melamine chopping boards and placemats and also the tea towels, tote bags and all things fabric. ....Not telling just yet though, you'll have to wait!

Meanwhile, here in Somerset, we are wading through mud, my love for the Somerset Levels gets tested at this time of year! Clay soil, lots of rain and 2 big dogs means I'm more often found with a mop in my hand rather than a paintbrush but today on my walk I saw the first of the Larks rise high and start to sing...Glorious! The Fieldfares and the Redwings are still here and plenty of Meadow Pipits too but the Starling murmurations seem to be splitting into smaller groups now, a sign of spring perhaps...

If you managed to read this far on then thankyou! I'm no writer and this is my first blog so in this, my year of firsts, I just scored another point...Hurrah! If you haven't been too put off by the ramblings of a somerset artist then I hope you might come back and don't forget to keep checking the pages for new watercolours over the next few weeks.

Bye for now