Moon Gazing Hare watercolour mirror £4.50

Dragonflies watercolour mirror £4.50

Here's looking at you! Watercolour Card and Mirror Gift Set

A pocket mirror with a matching wildlife watercolour greetings card, the perfect small gift for a friend or colleague. They are great for mothers day too! At the discounted price of £6.75 each 

Bumblebee watercolour mirror £4.50

Pocket Mirrors handbag mirrors watercolour designs wildlife artist Sandi Mower Gekko Art Hare Giraffe Bee Flamingo Dragonflies

Flamingo watercolour mirror £4.50

Giraffe watercolour mirror £4.50

Dragonflies Card & mirror £6.75

Watercolour card and mirror gift set wildlife design artist Sandi Mower Gekko Art

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Pocket Mirrors

Cute little art mirrors with lovely splashy wildlife watercolour designs on the back. Each one measures 7.8cm diameter, just the right size for your handbag or pocket. There are 5 watercolour paintings to choose from. £4.50 each

Flamingo Card & mirror £6.75

Bumblebee Card & mirror £6.75

Giraffe Card & mirror £6.75

Moon Gazing Hare Card & mirror £6.75

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