Giraffes Bone China Mug

    A whole herd of Giraffes can be found on this delightful mug, not 1 but 3! Gerald in the middle flanked by Matilda and Geoffrey.

    These lovely china cups are thinner and so much nicer than the thicker ceramic types. They are a warm white in colour with a slight translucency. There are 2 sizes to choose from, the 10oz mug is slimmer and taller, it will hold 12oz when full to the brim. The 14oz is a bigger mug, wider and a little shorter and holds 15oz to the brim. 

    Our Bone China Mugs sizes:

    10oz- 10cm high x 7.5cm diameter. 

    14oz- 9.8cm high x 8.5cm diameter 

    {Sizes are approximate}

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