Pet Portraits

I get to paint some gorgeous pets! These are some of my favourites and you will find a few popular breeds available to buy in the Fine Art Prints pages too.

***Please note I am fully booked at the moment (April 2021) I will be accepting new commissions later in the year***

If you want to commission a watercolour of your own furry (or feathery) friends then do get in touch, I will need some good close-up photos and a bit of info from you, then you can leave the rest to me. There is always a waiting list though so if it's for a gift then give me plenty of notice and bare in mind that at Christmas I am normally fully booked by the end of October!

My price list for 2021 is below.

    A4 painting single pet £100 + A3 mount £10 + white frame £25

    A3 painting single pet £140 + 40x50cm mount £10 + white frame £35

    A3 painting 2 pets £190 + 40x50cm mount £10 + white frame £35

    A3 painting 3 pets £285 + 40x50cm mount £10 + white frame £35

    A2 paintings or compositions to be discussed before pricing.

    Horses please add 10% (sorry, they are complicated!)

A deposit is required to secure a place in the book, I work on a first come first serve basis but if there is a time scale ie, a birthday to work towards then let me know and I'll try to get it done in time.

When ordering pet portraits, please put some thought into the photos you send to me. Bear in mind that I can only see what is visible in the photo. I will need closeup images taken in good, preferably natural light, showing details such as eyes and nose in sharp focus. Take the photos from your pet's level, not from above as this can cause awkward foreshortening. The photos should be high-resolution if possible and sent full size by email or through to  Please avoid screenshots or copying images from social media sites as they will be compressed. Feel free to send as many photos as you like so that I have plenty of choice and various views to work with.

Now you can buy a gift certificate for the ultimate pet lover's pressie!


pet portrait certificate

Gift Certificate

A pet portrait gift certificate entitles the bearer to an A4 watercolour painting of their furry friend. They get to arrange the finer details and sub...

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