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  • It's all about the eyes and nose! They need to be in focus and super sharp!
  • Try to take the photos in good natural light but not with bright sunlight reflecting on their coat. I need to see tonal variation, particularly in dark coats.
  • Get close up and personal! Photos taken from a distance may not be sharp enough when enlarged.
  • ​Have a friend stand by with treats or a toy to gain their attention. Portraits work well when eyes are focused on something to one side.
  • Get down to your pet's level, photos taken from above cause awkward angles & foreshortening.
  • Action shots are great to work from but they need to be in focus so use a fast shutter speed.
  • Focus! A good test is to enlarge the photo on a computer screen. It should remain clear & sharp.
  • Snaps taken on a phone may look good on a small screen but are rarely clear when enlarged. If you have a camera its worth using it!
  • Try to avoid distracting objects in the shot, harnesses, leads and toys can cover up the bits I need to see.
  • Please send high-resolution images, pictures uploaded from facebook are not ideal.

If you'd like your furry friend captured in full colour then contact me for details and a quote. Prices start from £90.

All I need as an artist to create your watercolour pet portrait are some good quality, close up photos, please read the tips below. The better the photo, the better the outcome of the pet portrait! So send me your favourite pics plus a few others for good measure! Photos can be sent to

Tips on photography for pet portraits in watercolour.

​​Pet Portraits in Watercolour

Pet portrait prices 2019-20
My prices and options are as follows:

  • A4 painting single pet £90 + A3 mount £10 + white frame £20
  • A3 painting single pet £125 + 40x50cm mount £10 + white frame £25
  • A3 painting 2 pets £175 + 40x50cm mount £10 + white frame £25
  • A3 painting 3 pets £250 + 40x50cm mount £10 + white frame £25
  • A2 paintings or compositions to be discussed before pricing.

A deposit is required to secure a place in the book, I work on a first come first serve basis but if there is a time scale ie, a birthday to work towards then let me know and I'll try to get it done in time.

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Gift Certificates.

     Each certificate entitles the bearer to an A4 watercolour pet portrait of their furry friend. They get to arrange the finer details and submit their favourite photos, you get the joy of giving a truly unique gift! The watercolour painting will come with an A3 mount and can be framed as an optional extra. Each certificate is valid for 1 year and has a reference number and stamp of authenticity on the back. £100 each Also available in my Etsy Shop

Here are some fantastic photos I've been sent to work 

fromand the portrait outcome. Photos like these can 

really make my life easier and will help to create a

stunning portrait.